Payments & Insurance



Payments for professional services are due at the time dental treatment is provided.
Acceptable payments:
All Major Credit Cards
 We are an out-of-network provider​*
What does this mean?
Dental insurance benefits are a contract between the insurance company and the consumer, usually employer, that chose the plan.
Unfortunately, many plans do no take into consideration what is ideal for most situations or what best meets your child's needs. We want to provide the highest quality care and not be bound by the limitations set forth by insurance companies.
As an out-of-network provider, our doctor can work directly with the parent/guardian to derive what the best course of action will be for your child. You will still be able to utilize your benefits and in many cases, the cost of treatment will either completely align  with what in-network benefits are or have only a slight variation.
We do offer insurance assistance.  We can file the claim to the insurance company for you or we can provide you with the information on how to file your claim with your insurance company. If you have any concerns about social security protection then filing your own claim would be the best option for you. 
*We are in the process of negotiating with insurance providers and may, in the future, choose to contract with some. 
Please ask the front desk for more information.


We do accept Medicaid. Please have your infomation ready when you contact the office to schedule an appointment.