State-of-the-art Laser Dentistry
Likely the most modern tool used in dentistry.
It's true lasers have been around for quite some time, but their use is ever increasing. As technology in lasers advances, we can now use lasers in place of the 'dental drill' in most situations. In addition, for a majority of procedures, we will not even need to use anesthetic (i.e. needles or shots).
The Lightwalker AT S from Fotona has both an ErYag for targeting hard surfaces (enamel and dentin) and NdYag laser which targets soft tissue.
Procedures that can be done with the laser:
Composite restorative procedures (fillings)
Growth removal
Gingival recontouring
Periodontal pocket debridement
Root Canal Therapy
and much more......
Infant Care
It is very important to start your child out with good nutrition, habits and healthcare.
Just as you take your child to the pediatrician for regular check-ups, you should take them to a dentist to understand what to expect as teeth come in, the timing, the effect of proper nutrition and oral hygiene. We can help you establish good habits in order do our best at preventing dental disease, the most common chronic disease in children and the main reason children miss school.
Establishing a relationship with a dentist while your child is young will also benefit in case of an emergency. The more the dentist knows about your child and what teeth are developing when, can be of great importance if there are any after hours concerns should your child be involved in an accidental fall or any other traumatic injury.
In addition to routine and emergency care of infants, we also treat those that are tongue tied or have neonatal teeth.

Digital Radiography

Routine Care

We understand that exposure to ionizing radiation should be limited.  Our x-ray machines are some of the most advanced in the industry. They have settings specifically for children and with the use of sensors, we can minimize radiation in our office. Our panoramic machine has the capability of taking extra oral bitewing x-rays for patients that have difficulty holding the sensor/film in their mouth (gaggers and some special needs patients).
Although we do our best to follow the ALARA guidelines, x-rays are essential in a proper diagnosis for dental disease, cysts, tumors, malformations, congenitally missing teeth and more. If you have any concerns regarding x-rays, please address the doctor.
As mentioned above,  your child's first visit should be by their first birthday.  However, we will not attempt to clean your child's teeth until they are closer to three years old.
It is not uncommon for a three year old to be apprehensive even for something as simple as a cleaning (prophylaxis). We understand this and make it our goal that your child becomes comfortable, relaxed and enjoy the experience.
We use a tell-show-do technique where we ​tell them what we are going to do (clean their teeth), show them (by using the polisher on their finger) and then do what we have just explained.  We like to estabish an open communication line between our staff and your child. As they build trust in us, they build confidence in themselves to conquer fears. This can be very empowering for children in more ways then just in a dental setting, but can set them off to great dental future.
At routine visits, we will:
        Take pictures (radiographs, if indicated or needed)
        Clean teeth (prophy, scaling, floss)
        Count teeth (perform clinical exam of teeth and oral cavity)
        Paint "vitamins" (place a fluride varnish at every 6 month check up
                                      and more often if indicated)
         Provide nutritional counseling
         Review toothbrushing techniques with child and/or caregiver
We provide care from infant through tween. As children progress into all permanent dentition, they have more "adult" type needs that we may not be equipped for. It is also important to establish a relationship with a general dentist prior to leaving for college and this is a perfect time to do that.

Dental Surgery

The frenum is the small piece of tissue that attaches from your lip to your gums or from your gums to your tongue. Somtimes this attachment is malpositioned causing the teeth to be seperated, the gums to recede or the tongue to be "tied-down." With the soft tissue settings on our Lightwalker AT S Laser, we can release this tissue with little to no bleeding and no stitches needed. 
A lingual frenectomy (tongue-tie) can be performed on an infant just days old to enable improved nursing.

All Ceramic Crowns

Does the cap my child needs
have to be silver? 
The answer is not necessarily.
At Spring River Dental, we offer an all ceramic (tooth colored) pre-fabricated crown that can be done in most cases.  The technique for these crowns is a little more sensitive and the cost of the materials is greater than that of a stainless steel crown.  While the cost for the procedure is not astronomical, it is more. In addition, a majority of insurance companies do not cover the cost of this procedure. If you are interested in your child having that tooth colored cap, you may be required to pay the entire fee for this service. Some insurance companies may reimburse a down-graded fee if you request it which will help with some of the cost.

Other Minor Surgery

Other surgeical procedures that can be done in our office includes extractions, exposures of unerupted teeth, cyst removal, removal of supernumerary teeth, mucocele removal, incision and drainage.
Operative Denstistry
If your child has a cavity - it's ok! We are trained to help your child receive treatment with as little pain and discomfort as possible. And while we welcome family members into the hygiene rooms for routine care, we do ask that the child come to the restorative treatment rooms unaccompanied. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please ask the doctor or any of the staff, we would love to address those prior to any treatment as it is not meant to be a negative experience for anyone.
For some scenarios, we can use our hard tissue laser to "blast" away the cavity bugs. There are some situations, however, that we will require traditional techinques.
In our office, if your child needs to be numb, we refer to it as, blowing a bubble, which makes it feel fat and fuzzy.  If we need to clean out the decay WITHOUT the use of the laser, we call it "Mr. Whistle" or just a "different type of toothbrush". These techniques are not meant to be deceptive, but rather explain to your child exactly what they should feel, hear and expect.  We like to communicate with them with non-threatening terminology they understand and can relate upon themselves.
In order for your child to be the most comfortable, we use nitrous oxide. Nitrous inhaltion is extremely beneficial in alleviating anxiety and raising a person's tolerance for things that may normally be uncomfortable. Not only will this help your child relax, but it will help for them to be more tolerant and accept treatment more readily.  The onset of nitrous oxide is very rapid and is removed from the body within five minutes of breathing either room air or 100% oxygen. There are no contraindications or long lasting effects with the use of nitrous oxide inhalation for dental visits.
Under Armour Mouthguards
Under Armour Performance Mouthwear
Athletes! Protect your smiles for many years and games to come! Our practice is pleased to offer our patients the most advanced line of custom mouth guards and mouthpieces with new Under Armour Performance Mouthwear.
Powered by premium Armourbite technology, Under Armour Mouthwear is designed to improve your overall health and prevent future dental issues, as well as improve your strength, endurance and reaction time while reducing stress on your face and jaw.
Under Armour Mouthpieces offer superior protection and comfort, and are made from the highest quality materials. Custom fit to the shape of your smile, Under Armour Mouthpieces relieve pressure on the Tempomandibular Joint (TMJ) and help protect your mouth and jaw from impact.​
      The answer is NO--atheletes of any sport should use a mouthguard to protect their teeth, mouth and jaw from injury.
Your dentist may offier:
  • Under Armour Performance Mouthpiece for non-contact sports, including baseball, golf, tennis, cycling and running
  • Under Armour Performance Mouthpiece for Full-contact sports, including football, hockey, lacrosse, martial arts and wrestling.
  • Under Armour Performance Alloy Mouthpiece for ultra-durable protection in non-contact sport.                              
Your dentist is an authorized provider of Under Armour Performance Mouthguards and is pleased to offer patients the same mouthguards and mouthpieces used by hundreds of professional, Olympic, and collegiate athletes.  If you're an athlete, give us a call and schedule an appointment for a quick 20-min custom mouthguard fitting.